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Well, hello there I'm Keishana! I'm from South Carolina, but in recent years relocated to Southern Maryland and the founder of Setting Moods, I started Setting Moods as a way couples could reconnect during intimate date nights in the comfort of their own home. Once COVID-19 hit my husband and I realized we had been taking date nights for granted. Seeing our favorite dining options close I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I continued with date nights, but instead of going out I would do a nice table-scape & make a fancy dinner to go with the ambiance. Fast forward as the restrictions from the pandemic started to lift I decided to introduce Setting Moods to friends in the area which eventually led us to clients and since the rest is history.   

Since starting Setting Moods in 2021we've had the pleasure of offering parties for more than one hundred and fifty guest. micro weddings, designing birthday parties, and so much more. Keep in mind that we started off as a date night service offering only luxury picnic experiences which were good for two, however we've evolved to  planning picnics and larger events. I know how hard it can be planning the perfect date night, picnic or event therefore my goal is to ensure you enjoy a stress free luxury date night, picnic or larger event. Now, enough about me, tell me a little about you below.

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